Bravo for marketing marketing technology to marketers

Audiens’ intelligent platform not only creates a single customer view from multiple data sources, the software intelligently segments and recommends recipes to move audiences through customer life stages; prospects to buyers, regular buyers to big spenders. It really is a marketer’s dream.

But there’s one challenge with marketing Audiens – marketers don’t like being marketed to.

We understand no one likes being sold to. But like magicians watching another magician’s trick, marketers know how it’s done. So our aim with Audiens (as we always strive to do) is to create marketing that doesn’t feel like marketing.

Being Audiens’ incumbent creative agency since November 2019, we’ve created a wealth of highly considered creative content and campaigns. From the anagram-based campaign “Turning Data into Ta-da” (see what we did there?) to creative whitepapers (yes it’s possible) not to mention a gamut of article concepts – including cameos from Jaws and James Bond. 

We also strategically pitched and overhauled their website – pivoting the dot com from hard product-push to that of an educational and supportive resource for marketer’s challenges.

“Bravo by name, bravo by nature! They challenge our briefs and don’t just deliver what we ask for, but they do reliably create precisely what we need. From their outstanding creative counsel to effective campaign creativity and design, Bravo is an invaluable talent that we wouldn’t want to be without.”

Andy Bovingdon, CMO, Audiens


Creative consultation
Website redesign and build
Proposition creative
Marketing campaigns
Animation production
Whitepaper & Content creative
Presentation Design

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