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Forget divorce or even having a baby. Moving house is officially the most stressful thing you’ll ever do. But what about moving internationally? Surely that’s got to take gold in the stress-inducing Olympics? Cue a rather interesting brief.

International relocation firm, Crown Worldwide, tasked us with creating a campaign targeting those relocating to the UK. But to entice customers away from choosing their competition, differentiating Crown’s vast service and sixty years experience was key.

Beyond the usual wrapping of valuables, packing of boxes, and international shipping, Crown also support customers in finding homes, schools, decorators, utility providers, and even help relocators get to grips with their new home country’s native tongue.

And this sparked an idea in our ‘loaf’ (‘loaf of bread’ – Cockney rhyming slang for ‘head’).

Because while most Brits are familiar with Cockney rhyming slang and our quirkier phrases, research showed that to those moving to the UK, these can quite literally be the epitome of a foreign language. And this was the entertaining notion behind the campaign – “if Crown can help you make sense of the weird UK-isms, moving to the UK with them will quite literally be a piece of cake”.

As well as leading campaign visuals (see below) we devised the extremely fun book ‘CrA-Zy British Lingo’ – a survival guide to British Slang featuring 26 hilarious words, definitions and contexts to unboggle the noggins.

Figuratively and visually, the campaign was sewn up.

To reflect Crown’s personal touch, we commissioned expert textile designer, Charlotte Derby, to lovingly hand-stitch the campaign’s striking visuals.

Ultimately, the campaign increased Crown’s dwell time and brand exposure with the prospect as well as demonstrating the all-important and powerful principle of ‘entertain to educate’. Because as David Ogilvy said “You can’t bore people into buying your product”.


• Campaign concept
• Copywriting
• Visual production
• Photography
• Retouching

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