Bravo for revitalisation

Due to offering more or less the same as their competitors (branded merchandise) Vibrant Colour were struggling to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

But, there was one big caveat when they sought our creative expertise. Given their showroom was chock-full of their own corporate-branded goodies, their umpteen page website, product catalogues and company collateral… a rebrand was a no-no!

“Not a problem” we said, “You need revitalising”
A brand revitalisation leaves the core brand intact, while introducing a new long-term strategic brand campaign that has the ability to address company challenges, customer concerns, and even competitive threats etc.

Customer insights revealed Vibrant Colour’s prospects faced two major concerns. Firstly, choosing a trusted supplier in a crowded market. And secondly, confidence of choice, due to the myriad of items, quantities and materials etc. To address these concerns we created three new value-based layers:

Expertise: “The Masters of Merch” 
‘The Masters of Merch’  was created to not only reflect the company’s knowledge but also create confidence in them as a trusted partner for overcoming the next problem…

Empathy: “The perils of promo” 
From a worry of stress balls to a tangle of bags, ‘the perils of promo’ are humorous collective nouns demonstrating Vibrant Colour’s empathy for the frustration customers can face when buying merchandise.

Empowerment: “Master your merch”
Vibrant Colour’s expertise not only means you can confidently overcome the perils of promo, but the masters of merch enable you to master your merch too.

The final stage was to bring The Masters of Merch to life. And through a mix of stock and customised 3D character modelling, that’s exactly what we did. Prior to the revitalisation Vibrant Colour were saying the same as their competitors. Now they are leading with what their competitors can’t – their team and expertise.


What Baz delivered was stunning. Recognisably the same business, but with a new lease of life and relatable, simply-explained storytelling. We’ve been left with a clear structure and format to take away and roll out – I can’t wait!

Christopher Smith, Director, Vibrant Colour


• Brand proposition
• Campaign design
• Copywriting
• Character development
• 3D modelling

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