Bravo for G&T's

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn”

Benjamin Franklin’s famous adage was never far from our minds when creating Fever-Tree’s global training bible. You see, we recognise ’training’ isn’t exactly the most inspiring word on the planet, so we set forth to create a document staff would happily consume.

Taking inspiration from glossy covered newsstands, the previous death-by-powerpoint content was laid to rest, and a well-crafted magazine-esque vibe was brought to life. After all, if the content was visually appealing and spoke authentically on the audience’s terms, perhaps training wouldn’t feel like training.

Full-plate spreads oozing with lifestyle photography, creative copywriting, embedded videos, interactive ingredient maps, animated pairing wheels, multi-stage illustrations, and bite-size infographics all ensured the multitude of facts and stats can be easily consumed, and more importantly, remembered.

As well as creativity, intuitive interactivity was key to the continued use of the 80-page document. With this in mind, we created a minimal yet accessible app-like user interface – on every page – which allows users to source any page in as little as 3 taps. 

While the training was created predominately for new starters, following the launch, both the interactive and iBooks versions of the brand and product bible have been embraced by global new business teams as off-line sales-supporting tools too.

Sadly, due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot show you all of the document, but here are a few pages we are allowed to divulge…


Content planning
Design & Art Direction
Transcreations (6 languages)
Cross-platform formats (inc iBooks)

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