The Bravo Experience

From your typical museum and stadium tours to a not-so-typical microbrewery, American NFL host, abseiling, and rooftop cinema, there’s more to Tottenham Hotspurs’ new stadium than meets the eye.

And herein lay the immense challenge; how do you market a football stadium as an attraction that even a football foe would want to visit?

With their own creative teams run ragged, we warmed up and joined Accord Marketing on the pitch… and if you don’t want to know the result – look away now – we won! Here are the highlights…

The brief was split into two halves; first, communicate the brand ‘The Tottenham Experience’. Second, ranging from families, football fanatics and thrill-seekers, communicate the myriad of experiences on offer. 

Whilst impressive, we realised the multitude of experiences on offer would create countless features and benefit-led messaging. With this in mind, our game plan was simple; devise a consistent framework capable of tackling inconsistent messaging.

‘The <Insert Word or Phrase> Experience’ was born.
You see, removing the word ‘Tottenham’ from The Tottenham Experience provided the perfect creative framework – whilst communicating and retaining the core brand message.

Be it matter-of-fact headlines such as The Skywalk at Night Experience and The Harry Hotspur to Harry Kane Experience to more creatively abstract The Don’t Look Down Experience (abseiling) and The Beware of the Bengals, Tigers and Panthers Experience (for the NFL games) the client praised “the limitless flexibility and versatility” of the copy-driven campaign.

To boot, we created a unified visual framework with the ability to accommodate an ever-changing backdrop of players, fans, families, and stadium imagery… all without substituting the objective… winning over visitors. 


Design & Art Direction

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