BRAVO! for science

This is the story of how “we need a technical explainer animation” turned into “Reinventing The Stage”.

You see, whilst we were delighted by the opportunity to work with innovative biotech company Fluidic Analytics, we were worried. Worried for one two-worded reason… ‘animated explainer’.

According to YouTube’s search results, 3.9million explainer animations already exist. With this in mind, our self-inflicted mission was simple; ensure the client’s groundbreaking instrument – the Fluidity One – wasn’t dumbed down by the over-saturated, off-the-shelf, animated explainer ‘trend’.

Why? first. How? second.
A common marketing mistake is jumping straight into the ‘how’. Whilst a technical segment was a prerequisite for the scientific audience, we recognised the story behind Fluidic Analytics’ pioneering approach – of discovering and analysing proteins – was even more critical. If we succeeded, we would not only captivate the audience, we would create brand differentiation too.

Substance over style
During our science homework, we came across Nobel Laureate James Watson’s quote

“In the play of life, DNA is the script, but proteins are the actors”

If this was true, then Fluidic Analytics were quite literally reinventing the stage.

From pitch to proposal, scripts and storyboards, cast and crew, and hiring The (majestic) Theatre Royal, our creative storytelling provides the substance to help Fluidic Analytics enter the market as a pioneer. After all, when you’re outstanding in your field, why blend in using an out-dated ‘me too’ style?

But don’t just take our word for it…

Barry blew us away with his Creative Direction from the moment he pitched us the Reinventing the Stage idea, and we continued to be impressed throughout the whole process. He and his team worked hard to help us turn an extremely technical concept into something the layman could understand, and ultimately delivered us a polished video we are delighted with.

Chris Thorne, Head of Marketing


Storytelling & concept creation
Casting & location hire
Video production

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