BRAVO! for free speech

“Some people’s idea of free speech is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back, that is an outrage.”

A statement as relevant today as when it was said by Sir Winston Churchill in 1943.

75 years on, and respectful debate and intellectual discussion are seldom friends with modern social media. Not only can meaningful discussions become fragmented across various platforms, but those seeking to discuss contentious topics can often become personally abused by keyboard warriors and trolls. Problems which MyPOV aims to solve.

The first of it’s kind, MyPOV is a video-based online platform dedicated to intellectual debate and respectful discussion. And in true democratic style, we were asked by BigReach Marketing to bring our creative expertise to the party.

Our first task was to create the brand identity and visual style for the all-new debating platform.
There’s only one thing we love more than a good logo… a clever logo. And even if we do say it ourselves, the MyPOV logo falls into this category. In a similar vein to the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo (if you’ve never spotted it, Google it now) our design process uncovered a natural speech bubble hiding in plain sight. Created by the negative space of the first three letters, our discovery was too good to ignore. Thankfully, the client loved it as much as we did.

But if you know anything about branding, you’ll know it’s far more than just a logo.
Hand-in-hand with the identity, we needed a sustainable visual style. From politics and sport to lifestyle, society, and health, the platform’s content is as broad as it is long. For these very reasons, the visual style had to be both robust and flexible.

Coupled with a striking halftone effect, bold imagery and colour-coded topics, we created a durable style guide that could consistently cope with whatever gets thrown at it.

And finally, video marketing. Or as we like to call it, the rallying cry.
A great script. Fantastic cast (from real debating clubs). Deliberate filming over Skype to convey the online video community. A dynamic and fast-paced edit. And a tailored soundtrack. The sum of the parts fuse together to not only communicate a sense of community and user-generated content but provides the necessary empowerment to – as our script states – “change your platform”.

6 months on…
…and the results are in. To date, our video has amassed 135,000 views and helped grow MyPOV’s community to over 8,500 authentic followers.


Logo and brand creation
Brand guidelines
Social media content style guide
Scripting & storyboarding
Soundtrack composition
Video production

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