Children’s mental health and wellbeing has never looked so positive

During his tenure at Oakley Mobile, BRAVO’s Creative Director, Barry Richardson, created The Worrinots – four characters who (as his tagline explains) ‘make the fear disappear’.

BRAVO continue to support The Worrinots by providing creative app design and marketing services, including dedicated article and content writing for The Huffington Post.

From fun device wallpapers and attention-grabbing social media imagery to hard-hitting infographics and video interviews (with mental health professionals), we have created a wealth of content that empowers The Worrinots’ at-home & at-school campaigns.

With a groundbreaking approach to children’s mental health, it’s important that The Worrinots brand is continually positioned as an innovative champion with a moral mission.

BRAVO help to ensure The Worrinots’ disruptive voice is not only heard, but consistently and strategically maintained.


Branding & proposition
Character development
App design
Content creation
Article & blog writing
Speech writing
Video & Animation

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