Be More Bravo!

By their very nature, scientists, researchers, and professors are an evidence-craving audience.

As a result, feature-driven scientific marketing can lack engagement and the human touch. And this was our biggest challenge when biotech pioneers, Fluidic Analytics, briefed us to create a campaign for their latest ground-breaking instrument.

But rather than focus solely on the One-W’s features (like their competitors) we set about creating a champion-inspired campaign that appealed to the audience’s greatest aspirations… achievement and recognition.

Following ‘Reinventing The Stage’, we delved through the history books and made our own discovery. Frustrated with the limited tools at his disposal, a Swedish chemist invented his own. Whilst being almost 200 years apart, the similarities between Berzelius and Fluidic Analytics were remarkable.

Berzelius’ story inspired us.

With a dedicated monument and global recognition, he was, without doubt, one who history thanked. And that very thought sparked the entire campaign. You see, within that one line lay the product name. Like Berzelius, with the right tools, today’s scientists can ‘be another one-who history thanks’. Aspiration, recognition and product side by side.

The literary lock-up worked across the multitude of campaign factors;
• Selfish aspiration: Be the one-with pioneering research
• Product: The one-with more accuracy
• Methodology: One-way isn’t enough
• Brand: Make one-wise choice

“Bravo took the time to understand our aims and market position before returning to pitch a brilliant campaign idea”

Sophie Bryant, Marketing Manager, Fluidic Analytics

When it came to producing the campaign film, there was only one location to appeal to our audience’s inner Berzelius… his monument in Stockholm. And the rallying cry? Be more Berzelius. Be another one-who history thanks.


Concept creation
Art Direction
Location hire
International logistics
Video production

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